Examples II

Redux is distributed with a few examples in its source code. Most of these examples are also on CodeSandbox, an online editor that lets you play with the examples online.

Ding Dong Bot

Run the Ding Dong Bot example:

git clone https://github.com/wechaty/wechaty-getting-started.git
cd wechaty-getting-started
npm install
npm start

Or check out the sandbox:

It does not require a build system or a view framework and exists to show the raw Redux API used with ES5.


Run the Counter example:

git clone https://github.com/reduxjs/redux.git
cd redux/examples/counter
npm install
npm start

Or check out the sandbox:

This is the most basic example of using Redux together with React. For simplicity, it re-renders the React component manually when the store changes. In real projects, you will likely want to use the highly performant React Redux bindings instead.

This example includes tests.

More Examples

You can find more examples in the Redux Apps and Examples page of the Redux Addons Catalog.

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