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As the requirements for Conversational applications such as chatbot have become increasingly complicated, we need to focus on our business instead of the code itself.

Connecting ChatBots#

  • Wechaty is a Last-mile technology for bringing chatbot to end-users.
  • Wechaty is a ChatBot Framework for Business.

Wechaty is designed to help you straightforward implement your chatbot business logic and keep focus, without the care about any unrelated complex dirty underwater works.

The Creator's Story#

In 2017 ...

Huan's daily life/work depends on too much chat on wechat.

  • Almost 14,000 wechat friends in May 2014, before wechat restricts a total number of friends to 5,000.
  • Almost 400 wechat rooms, and most of them have more than 400 members.

Can you imagine that? He was dying...

So a tireless bot working for me 24x7 on wechat, monitoring/filtering the most important message is badly needed. For example, it highlights discussion which contains the KEYWORDS which he want to follow up(especially in a noisy room). ;-)

At last, It's built for huan's personal study purpose of Automatically Testing.


Our Mission: Make it easy to build a WeChat Chatbot for developers.