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What is a Puppet in Wechaty

The term Puppet in Wechaty is an Abstract Class for implementing protocol plugins. The plugins are the component that helps Wechaty to control the Wechat(that's the reason we call it puppet).

The plugins are named XXXPuppet, like PuppetPuppeteer is using the chrome puppeteer to control the WeChat Web API via a chrome browser, PuppetPadchat is using the WebSocket protocol to connect with a Protocol Server for controlling the iPad Wechat program.

Wechaty & Queue

In order not blocked by wechat, we add queue in wechaty, see more: rx-queue

What's the difference between wechaty and wechat4u?

Wechaty can implement many wechat protocol plughins. The plugins are the component that helps Wechaty to control the Wechat. Wechaty provide same API in web, ipad, ios solutions. wechat4u is SPACELAN write as a web solution on github. Wechaty can use wechaty API call wechat 4u API

Is this right: wechaty has All api in wechat4u, but wechat 4u don't have all api wechaty has.

No, wechaty use wechaty itself API for wechat4u. They are totally 2 different project and no one contains another.

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