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Puppet Service: WXWork

Wechaty Puppet Service WXWork

Updates on 2022-12-24

WxWork is deprecated and will not receive any updates. Please switch to our latest service: WorkPro.

wechaty-puppet-wxwork is a WeCom(original WeChat Work) solution. Currently it supports the following features:

  • Send / Receive Text, Image, Video, File, UrlLink, MiniProgram messages
  • Get Corporation and Individual contacts
  • Get All kinds of rooms with room members
  • Modify alias, phone, corporation and description on a contact
  • Add / Remove members to / from room
  • Modify room topic
  • Room events (join, leave, topic)

Github repository

How to buy

Register via WeCom at jukebox and buy the token! Also you can get a SCRM system for free!

Known Issues

  1. Change company of the account will cause unknown bug to wxwork. See wechaty/puppet-services#100


Submit an issue here.


  1. Alpha Announcement: WeCom Puppets wechaty-puppet-wxwork is going to ready for testing! #2057
  2. Beta Announcement
  3. Release Announcement


  • Wechat: juzibot

More Info


Check out blogs with the wxwork tag at