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BOT Friday Club

BOT Friday Club

BOT Friday (BOT5 Club) is entrepreneur forum for chatbot makers to discuss the state-of-art machine learning algorithms, product market fit, and business straitegies.

BOT Friday Club 是一个技术极客讨论聊天机器人行业落地和商业应用的创业论坛。

BOT5 is a half-open professional conversational user interface seminar for chatbot fans.

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Newcomer Requirements#

  1. Strong passion for building chatbot
  2. Strong willingness for sharing

Follow this Newcomer Manual and read our Member Manual


  • Developers
  • Giant company product managers
  • Entrepreneurs

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  • Technology
  • Ecosystem
  • Business

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Join us#

We have meetups every week, on Friday night.

You can join our Gitter network if you aren’t already a member.

We have also recorded our seminar via zoom, you can watch the playbacks from our YouTube Playlist: