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Hide A Post#

If you do not want to list your post on the website, you can add a published: false to the front matter YAML.

published: false

List on

If a post has a tag named news then it will be shown at

- news

All posts will be showed at

Show Big Picture#

- sticky

Minimizing images#

Optimize image compression where possible.

Our limitation for an image is:

  1. file size maximum 1MB
  2. file resolution maximum 1920x1080

For image files, use scripts/

./scripts/ jekyll/assets/2021/03-your-blog-folder/

This is based on ImageMagick.

Submit Blog Post#

Submit your blog by creating a Pull Request at

Please make sure the CI turns green, and if the CI fail, you need to check the error messages and fix all the problems before we can continue processing it.


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