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Wechaty contributor program

The Wechaty Contributor Program provides valuable supports for qualified contributors.

Our Mission: build the most easy-to-use conversational SDK across all messaging platforms for chatbot makers.

It takes a community to design, build, and ship a great chatbot.

Building a chatbot that is on top of Wechaty? Apply for our Contributor Program! The possibilities are endless, and you enjoy the kudos.

Table of Contents#

  • Wechaty Contributor Program Suppliers
  • Submit a blog post Publish your blog post to the Wechaty community

1 Free Puppet Service Token#

  1. WXWork
  2. PadLocal
  3. Paimon
  4. Donut

Learn more about Wechaty Puppet Services from our document and the blog post.

2. Support the Wechaty Project#

You can help the project by supporting this project as becoming a backer. Backers on Open Collective

The following are our existing backers. Thank you to everyone! ๐Ÿ™ [Become a backer]


Wechaty Contributor Program

You need to add the Wechaty Contributor Program badge after you join this program.

[![Wechaty Contributor Program](](

Cite Wechaty#

To cite this project in publications:

@misc{wechaty,  author = {Huan LI, Rui LI},  title = {Wechaty: Conversational RPA SDK for Chatbot Makers},  year = {2016},  publisher = {GitHub},  journal = {GitHub Repository},  howpublished = {\url{}},}

Community Public Server Access#

See: Provide a Community Development Server for Wechaty Contributors wechaty/PMC#13


How to publish blogs#

Send a Pull Request to our website repo at

How to share your open source project#

Add this Wechaty badge to your README:

Powered by Wechaty

[![Powered by Wechaty](](

Then add it to the list at Project using Wechaty

Third-Party Supports for Wechaty Contributors#


If you are looking for the contributor program from Juzi.BOT, please go to visit the great introduction documentation at