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Puppet Provider: SimplePad

Wechaty Puppet SimplePad

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In fact, before we knew wechaty, our team already had a complete set of wechat api used in internal projects. The entire SimplePad-Puppet is built on this api system. So when using SimplePad, you can not only Through Wechaty-Puppet, you can also use the Http protocol directly. Thanks to @Huan and the Wechaty community for their great work, we quickly joined the Wechaty community and ecosystem.


  • Simple enough architecture.The simpler it is, the less mistakes.
  • Based on Http protocol.You can request the API directly in your favorite programming language,if you're not good at typescript.
  • Perfect debugging tool.We provide a complete debugging tool to debug all api.
  • For a reasonable charge, you can only buy the api you need.

Why SimplePad?

We provide support for multiple protocols (PC/Mac/Ipad, Ipad is recommended). Compared with other Puppets, it also provides moments api.

How to install and run?

Just three steps, you can quickly experience!

  1. Sign up for a test token(7 days)

  2. clone demo project

  3. install demo packages and run:

    cd wechaty-puppet-simplepad-demo
    npm install
    npx ts-node ./bot.ts -t {YOUR_TOKEN}


You can get more project information and usage from here


If you are interested in wechaty and looking for a flexible and stable Puppet, try SimplePad. We are also actively preparing to update to Wechaty 1.x version, we are getting better together with Wechaty.



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