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Puppet Provider: WeChat

Wechaty Puppet WeChat

Wechaty Puppet WeChat

NPM Version npm (tag)


This is a full-featured Wechaty Puppet.

Known Issues#

WeChat Account that registered after 2017 might not be able to login Web Wechat, so it can not use wechaty-puppet-wechat with Wechaty. Please make sure your WeChat Account can be able to login by visiting Web WeChat

  1. Web API can not create room and invite members to room since 2018.
  2. The ID of contacts and rooms will change across sessions. #1644

Fixed Issues#

  1. Fixed by Can we support UOS with puppeteer #127 Can not login with error message: 当前登录环境异常。为了你的帐号安全,暂时不能登录web微信。#603
    • New account login issue #872
    • [RUMOR]: wechat will close web api for wechat #990

If you want to break the above limitations, then you need consider to use a Wechaty Puppet other than Web. Learn them from Wechaty Puppet Providers.


npm install wechaty-puppet-wechat
export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-wechat
npm start




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