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Case Study: OSS.Chat


A bridge to the Apache Way in China​

The mission of the OSS.Chat project is to bridge the three-way communication and translation barriers between WeChat and other social platforms (future) and GitHub Issues and mailing lists to the open-source development community, making ASF's cultural, technical, and collaborative processes acceptable quickly and easily, rather than stumbling from the start.

What is OSS.Chat BOT​

With Chatbot, an automated process mechanism, developers can more easily share and communicate information about the development of open-source projects.

In particular, the archiving and secondary induction of open information to the community is one of the things that we think is very meaningful.

Through OSS.Chat project, we hope to further promote, disseminate, and even optimize the culture, technology, and collaboration of the Apache project community.


use osschat is so easy, just need 4 steps, please refer How to use OSS.Chat

Here's an video recorded from our weekly meeeting, introduced the OSS Bot and how to sync GitHub issues with WeChat rooms for any open-source projects.


Apache Incubator Proposal​



Talk from ApacheCon 2020: OSS.Chat - A bridge to the Apache Way in China​

OSS.Chat - 通往 Apache Way 的一道虹桥:




开源社, 由 CSDN、GitCafe、GNOME.Asia、微软开放技术公司、优麒麟社区联合创始,由国内外支持开源的企业、社区及个人,依“贡献、共识、共治”原则,所组织的开源联盟,旨在共创健康可持续发展的开源生态体系,并推动中国开源社区成为全球开源软件的积极参与及贡献者。