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Send and accept friend requests

Sending and accepting friend requests can easily be done using wechaty onfriendship function. This guide will help you send request, receive request(in friend event), confirm friendship(friend event) in a room.

Use the guide to help you integrate additional functions to an existing project which is present at Github/Friend-Bot or check that your existing local system will run on Wechaty. If, you wish to learn on how to build the bot on your own, please visit one of our Building the bot section.

The steps outlined here mainly focuses on working with Javascript, but user are free to switch between any languages.This guide help you Send, receive friend request, and friend confirmation events.


  • Your system must have Node.js installed (version >= 16).
  • Your system must have Wechaty (version >= 0.40).
  • You need to be familiar with the basics of Wechaty platform. If not, follow our tutorials section.
  • You need to have at least a minimal application ready to work, follow one of our Example/ding-dong-bot.

If you don't know where to start from

See Running our first ding-dong bot.

The below function needs a basic script that can help run the bot. The basic script starts by importing the code from Github/Friend-Bot.Integrate the below code, for this action to work.

Send Request - define how to send a friend request

When you send the request, you try to make new friend connection. This section elaborates on how to send friend<id>) helps you search the contact, if found we get "Sending friend request..." as a response else " not found" as a response.

async function onReady () {
const weixin = 'FridayBOT' // weixin id
const contact = await{ weixin })

if (contact) {'Sending friend request...')
await bot.Friendship.add(contact)
} else {' not found')

bot.on('ready', onReady)

Receive Request - define how to accept the friend request

When someone sends you the request, you choose whether to have the friend connection or to reject the connection. This section elaborates on how to accept friend requests. When someone sends you the request, the helps you list down all the contacts with a hello message from friendship.hello() and then when the user accepts the request, it prints out with a confirmation message using

import { Friendship } from 'wechaty'

async function onFriendship (friendship: Friendship) {
if (friendship.type() === Friendship.Type.Receive) {'New request from','Hello message:', friendship.hello())
await friendship.accept()
} else if (friendship.type() === Friendship.Type.Confirm) {'New request confirmed with',

bot.on('friendship', onFriendship)