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What is Wechaty

A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation instead of direct contact with a live human agent. It is a type of software that can automate conversations and interact with people through messaging platforms. Wikipedia

Wechaty is an Open Source software application for building chatbots. It is a modern Conversational RPA SDK which Chatbot makers can use to create a bot in a few lines of code.

You can use Wechaty to build a chatbot which automates conversations and interact with people through instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, WeCom, Gitter and Lark among others.


Wechaty offers out-of-the-box support for the common features you would need for turning your Instant Messaging account into a chatbot. You can easily customize and extend Wechaty to create a chatbot that is tailored to your needs. Some common features of Wechaty that you can take advantage of include:

  • Message processing: You can use Wechaty to receive and send messages. It supports messages in the form of text, image, audio, video, and attachments.
  • Room management: You can use it to create rooms, add and remove room members, manage topics, etc.
  • Contact management: Search by name, alias, tags, get profile data and avatar.
  • Friendship management: Search and add new friends and accept friendship requests.
  • Intelligent dialogue management: Just several configuration can get a task-oriented bot.
  • Multi-platform support: With Wechaty, you write code which runs on all IM platforms.
API References

Learn more functions from API Reference and How-to Guides.

Supported Instant Messaging services

Wechaty supports a number of Instant Messaging platforms. You can build a chatbot using Wechaty for any of the following Instant Messaging platforms:

Wechaty Puppet WeChat Wechaty Puppet Whatsapp Wechaty Puppet Official Account Wechaty Puppet Gitter Wechaty Puppet Lark Wechaty Puppet PadLocal Wechaty Puppet WeChat4U Wechaty Puppet XP Wechaty Puppet Oicq Wechaty Puppet SimplePad Wechaty Puppet Service Wechaty Puppet Mock Wechaty Puppet DIY

Supported programming languages

The Wechaty community have developed Software Development Kits for most of the popular programming languages. You can build a Wechaty Chatbot in any of the programming languages listed below:

OpenAPI Wechaty TypeScript Wechaty Python Wechaty Go Wechaty Kotlin(Java) Wechaty Scala Wechaty PHP Wechaty .NET Wechaty Rust Wechaty DIY Wechaty

All these SDKs have been developed by and for the community.


Since its creation in 2016, a number of Wechaty versions have been released. For more information about the release history and the current stable version, you can read the Wechaty release notes on Github.


Wechaty is an Open Source Project. It is released under Apache-2.0 license and the corresponding documentation is released under the Creative Commons license.


Wechaty is maintained by Huan, Rui and a community of Open Source Contributors. We are always looking for people to join the Wechaty community to maintain the Wechaty codebase and documentation. You necessarily don't have to be a programmer to contribute to Wechaty. To get started contributing, you can read the Contributing section of this documentation.

Getting help

Wechaty has a community of very helpful contributors on different platforms you can join to get help from. Before joining any of the communities, we recommend that you read our Code of conduct so that you adhere to our community guidelines. A full list of the different Wechaty communities can be accessed from the Wechaty community section of this documentation.

Voice of developers

"Wechaty is a great solution, I believe there would be much more users recognize it." link @Gcaufy, Tencent Engineer, Author of WePY

"太好用,好用的想哭" @xinbenlv, Google Engineer, Founder of

"最好的微信开发库" link @Jarvis, Baidu Engineer

"Wechaty 让运营人员更多的时间思考如何进行活动策划、留存用户,商业变现" link @lijiarui, Founder & CEO of Juzi.BOT.

"If you know js ... try Wechaty, it's easy to use." @Urinx Uri Lee, Author of WeixinBot(Python)

"Wechaty is a good project, I hope it can continue! Therefore, I became a contributors in open collective." @Simple

World's shortest chatbot

You can build a chatbot with a minimum of 6 lines of code with Wechaty.

import { Wechaty } from 'wechaty'

async function main () {
const bot = new Wechaty()
.on('scan', (qrcode, status) => console.log(`Scan QR Code to login: ${status}\n${encodeURIComponent(qrcode)}`))
.on('login', user => console.log(`User ${user} logged in`))
.on('message', message => console.log(`Message: ${message}`))
await bot.start()

Polyglot Wechaty

Read more codes from Polyglot.

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