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Getting started

We have made it very easy to start writing Wechaty code in any of the supported programming languages. You need a few lines of code to turn your IM (such as WeChat, Whatsapp, Wecom, Lark, etc) account into a chatbot. Your chatbot will have conversations on behalf of you with Wechaty Conversational RPA technology.

We have set up a Wechaty getting-started repository to help you start writing code in a couple of minutes. The Wechaty getting-started repository contains code for a bot which we refer to as the DING DONG bot. The DING DOT bot is meant to help absolute beginners start writing Wechaty code without setting up their own development environment. You can run it on Gitpod, Google cloud shell or on your local machine. Gitpod and Google cloud shell are both online IDEs that will get you running the DING DONG bot instantly.


Gitpod is an online IDE which provides you with a complete development environment accompanied by a Visual-Studio-Code powered IDE and a cloud-based Linux container. You can navigate to the Tutorials section to run the Wechaty getting-started repository on gitpod.

Google cloud shell

Google cloud shell is also an online development and operations environment which is accessible anywhere with your browser. You can navigate to the Tutorials section to run the getting-started repository on Google cloud shell instantly.

Local development environment

You can also set up your own server for running the getting-started repository on your machine instead of using the cloud-based IDE. There is a beginner-friendly tutorial in the tutorials section which will take you by the hand to help you run the getting-started repository on your local machine.