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What can you do with Wechaty

Wechaty helps users implement their chatbots with straightforward business logic without the complexities of chatbot programming. As a developer, you will be able to create a chatbot that can run on almost all popular instant messaging (IM) applications (WeChat/Weixin, WhatsApp, WeCom, Gitter, and Lark, among others).

With a few lines of code in any of the popular programming languages (Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Kotlin, OpenAPI, JavaScript, Go, Scala, C#, and Rust), you can create a customized chatbot to suit your business needs. With Wechaty's intelligent dialogue management system, handling complex user conversations becomes a lot easier.

Here are some of the things that users and businesses can do with Wechaty:

  • Have their very own customized chatbot
  • Provide 24/7 digital support
  • Encourage long-term user engagement
  • Sales and marketing
  • Cut on business costs and resources
  • Raise and optimize conversion rates
  • Eliminate some human errors
  • Save a lot of time which can boost team productivity
  • Give more detailed answers to queries

A brief history of Wechaty

Back in 2014, Wechaty creator Huan Li's daily life depended too much on WeChat, which was dubbed as China's famous messaging app that is capable of payment processing and other mini applications such as friendship management. Also at the time, adding friends in WeChat is possible but restricts a total number of friends to 5,000 only. Not to mention, the app has more than 400 rooms with more than 400 members each, and room management poses a big challenge. Aside from these issues, WeChat does not offer any tool or service for businesses to manage their customers which is essential for any business to thrive in China. In China, WeChat seems to be the nation's internet and it is crucial for businesses to grow their yield and to communicate with their customers who live their lives on WeChat.

Thus, Huan decided to build Wechaty and landed its first set of clients in 2016. After that, Wechaty Co-creator Rui Li found that Wechaty can help companies build relationships with their customers. Then, she used Wechaty to create JuziBot as a customer management tool that helps companies deal with business challenges such as acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.

What are companies doing with Wechaty

We have profiled how some companies use Wechaty to deliver solutions to their clients in the sections below.


JuziBot is one of the startups that heavily relies on Wechaty to provide smart marketing and sales services for customers on WeChat and WeCom platforms.

JuziBot is able to help companies build secure and stable Private Traffic, as well as helps corporate clients with customer acquisition and sales conversion. JuziBot currently serves customers in education, consumer, healthcare, and a few other industries. Some of the clients include Meituan Dianping, JingDong, and L'Oréal among others. JuziBot's products have been known to improve the sales experience for one million sales professionals daily.


Wechaty aims to focus more on what the business is about instead of the code itself, despite the complicated requirements for conversational applications. As a chatbot framework for business, Wechaty is a last mile technology that brings chatbots to all types of end users.


Wechaty's mission is to make it easy for developers and non-technical users to build their own chatbots.


Wechaty aims to bring effective solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and developers around the world, through the help of chatbots. It is Wechaty's intention that businesses are able to engage more with their customers by providing intelligent customer service, which in return increases conversion rates.