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Puppet Provider: Service

Wechaty Puppet Service

Wechaty Puppet Service

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Wechaty Puppet Service is a Wechaty Puppet for providing/consuming gRPC Puppet API. To use a Wechaty Puppet Service, you need a TOKEN for that service, and pass it to Wechaty, then you will be able to use that Puppet Service.

For example, you can cloudify the Wechaty Puppet Provider wechaty-puppet-padlocal to a Wechaty Puppet Service by running our Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway.

Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway is a gateway for converting the Wechaty Puppet Provider to a Wechaty Puppet Service. Read more about tokens and usage in Introducing Wechaty Puppet Service (Providers).

Learn more about all puppet services provided by the Wechaty Community in puppet service overview.


Run wechaty-puppet-service.

TOKEN required

Wechaty Puppet Service need a token for authorization.

npm install wechaty-puppet-service
export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-service
npm start



Error: 14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established

This error message might identify that you are using a new version of wechaty-puppet-service which requires SSL but your Wechaty Puppet Service token does not support SSL.

Try to set the WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVICE_NO_SSL_UNSAFE_CLIENT environment variable to true to disable SSL and try again.


Learn more about the details from Enable SSL for all Puppet Service Clients of Wechaty Ecosystem wechaty/wechaty-puppet-servie#160