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Wechaty Puppet Services

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For different instant messaging (IM) systems (such as WeChat, Whatsapp, and TikTok), the Wechaty community builds separate RPA modules for each, and we call those modules Wechaty Puppet.

Wechaty Puppet Service is gRPC for Wechaty Puppet. To use a Wechaty Puppet Service, you need a TOKEN for that service, and pass it to Wechaty, then you will be able to use that Puppet Service.

export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-service

You can switch between different Wechaty Puppet Services by changing your TOKEN. All your source code should work between different tokens without any changes.

What is Wechaty Puppet Service?

With the power of Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway, any Wechaty Puppet Provider can be converted to Wechaty Puppet Service by yourself.

Here is why you may need a ready-to-use Wechaty Puppet Service :

  • You are a Polyglot Wechaty developer, but you do not want to run another docker container in your system.
  • You are a TpyeScript Wechaty developer, but the Wechaty Puppet Provider needs a complicated system setup, like an X11 System, Wine, or Android Emulator.

Another issue is that the Wechaty Puppet Provider is closed source, which means you will not be able to install it, but only can use it as a Wechaty Puppet Service.

Introducing Wechaty Puppet Service Provider

Our Wechaty Community now has serval Wechaty Puppet Services which works out-of-the-box. All you need is to get a Wechaty Puppet Service Token, then use wechaty-puppet-service with that token.

For now, the Wechaty community has four official Wechaty Puppet Services:

NamePlatformProtocolLife Cycle

Introducing Wechaty Puppet Service

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