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Puppet Service: PadLocal

Wechaty Puppet Service PadLocal

How to buy(apply)

Go to to avail a FREE trail token for 7 days.

Running wechaty-puppet-padlocal on cloud


  1. Update cmd in step1 docker run.

Test Date

  • March 01, 2021
  • March 16, 2021


  • Local mobile phone (iPad or mobile phone is fine)
  • PC (Mac is used here)
  • Virtual machine for puppet on Alibaba Cloud




  1. Run wechaty-puppet-padlocal on a virtual machine
  2. Verify that the API is successfully registered
  3. Run local python-wechaty-getting-started
  4. Scan code login

Step 1 : Run wechaty-puppet-padlocal

You will need a domestic public network IP+Token (please register with the administrator) to make wechaty-puppet take effect in the virtual machine part. For the trial or free plan, you can choose Alibaba Cloud or Huawei Cloud or GCP. It is a pity that Google does not have a domestic IP. , or you can also play gcp's k8s by the way, suggest that you still use domestic resources.

Step 1

Just register a ubuntu20.04, pay attention to the security group to release port 8788. Run the following command in ubuntu cmdline.

apt update
apt install
docker pull wechaty/wechaty
export WECHATY_PUPPET_PADLOCAL_TOKEN=puppet_padlocal_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-padlocal
export WECHATY_LOG=verbose
docker run \
--rm \
-ti \

You can issue an instruction to check whether it is running normally, as shown in the figure :

netstat -ntlp
docker container ls

Step 1-terminal

You can telnet the virtual machine IP: 8788, simple debugging will not work. (Optional) You can change docker run to docker-compose by running, and the virtual machine can grow up automatically after it crashes.

Step 2 : verify hostie token

Visit this link to check whether your token is successfully registered, if not, please go back to step 1.

Good: {"ip":"","port":8788}

No Good: {"ip":"","port":0}

Step 3 : Run python locally

python-wechaty-getting-started you need Python3.7+

Run the following cmd :

git clone
cd python-wechaty-getting-started
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-service
export WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVICE_TOKEN=your_token_at_here
python3 examples/

Just wait for the QR code to appear



Step 4 : WeChat scan code

Currently using a new account registration will fail - Fixed Log in after scanning.

Finally, invite friends or send ding to yourself (no spaces and all lowercase letters), and it will automatically return to dong! There will be a lot of resources and applications on the official website in the follow-up, so please check it out when you have time.


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