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Wechaty Breaking Changes

This document outlines when various pieces of Wechaty will be removed or altered in a backward incompatible way, following their deprecation. More details about each item can often be found in the release notes of two versions prior.

Deprecation Timeline

We clean the code after the end of the year, so it is not possible to see the exact date of deprecation.


Dec 31, 2022

  1. wechaty/puppet-service#160
  2. wechaty/puppet-service#154

Breaking Changes


Wechaty v1.x is not compatible with Wechaty v0.x modules. (how to match versions)

  1. v1.x: wechaty@1.x needs wechaty-*@1.x
  2. v0.x: wechaty@0.x needs wechaty-*@0.x

Octorber, 2021

  1. wechaty/puppet#164 Wechaty Puppet API v1.0 Adaptions
  2. wechaty/puppet-service#160 Enable TLS for all Puppet Service Clients of Wechaty Ecosystem

September, 2021

  1. wechaty/puppet-service#154 Puppet Service Discovery Schema: ip -> host


  1. to be collected...