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Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway

What is Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway?

Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway is a gateway for converting the Wechaty Puppet Provider to a Wechaty Puppet Service.

Environment variableDescriptionUsage
WECHATY_PUPPETdefines the Wechaty Puppet Provider NPM name and its parametersbash export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-service export WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVICE_TOKEN="__TOKEN__"
WECHATY_TOKENintializes the unique Wechaty Puppet Service Token,that is generating using the UUID Generator.bash export WECHATY_TOKEN='2fdb00a5-5c31-4018-84ac-c64e5f995057'
WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVER_PORTsets up the free server port for the Wechaty Puppet Service,also used for docker port mappingbash export WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVER_PORT=8788 // any available port can be visited from internet
WECHATY_LOGsets up the log mode for the service. Usually initialize the variable to Verbose mode as this gives more debug log messages. verbose mode is an option available in many OS that gives details on what the computer is doing,which drivers and software are being installed or loaded and many more.bash export WECHATY_LOG="verbose"

Starting Wechaty Puppet Servcie Token Gateway

After the docker image has been created, use a docker command to start the Wechaty Puppet Service Token Gateway with the below configuration:


Service Discovery

Use the command given below to check the running of the Wechaty Puppet Service.


Replace ${WECHATY_TOKEN} to your real token in the above configuration

  • ✅ If you get an HTTP/200 response with a JSON object body that includes your ip and port, then you are all set.
  • ❌ If you get an HTTP/404 response, your Puppet Service Gateway has some issues and needs to be troubleshooted.