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Puppet Service: WorkPro

Wechaty Puppet Service WorkPro

wechaty-puppet-workpro is a WeCom(original WeChat Work) solution. Provided by @RPAChat.

Currently it supports the following features:

  • Send / Receive Text, Image, Video, File, UrlLink, MiniProgram, Location, Channel, Voice messages
  • Get Corporation and Individual contacts
  • Get All kinds of rooms with room members
  • Modify alias, phone, corporation and description on a contact
  • Add / Remove members to / from room
  • Modify room topic
  • Room events (join, leave, topic)
  • Tag events (add, delete, rename)
  • Contact events (friendship, tag)
  • Moment Posting

How to buy

Please scan the following QRCode with wechat or wecom:


Frequently asked questions

  • 14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established

    This is often caused by TLS setting problem. You have to disable TLS to use WorkPro token. You can do this with code or environment variables.

    • Code: add tls: {disable: true} into puppetOptions.
  • Cannot find token

    When you get your token, you'll also get the discovery service address of the token. (If not, please contact customer service.) If the address is not, then you have to set an environment variable to explicitly set it. You can do this by adding this to your environment variable list.


Known Issues

  1. Room announce event will break current puppet-service(v1.19.8). Fixed in latest puppet-service version.. See: Issue 216


Submit an issue here.


  1. 🔥🔥🔥 Introducing new puppet-service: wechaty-puppet-workpro #2462


Please scan the following QRCode with wechat or wecom:



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