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Puppet Service Compatibility


The below table mentions features and their availability for the different puppet service providers :

Support accountWeChatWecomWeChatWeChatWecom
1. Message
Send and receive text
Send and receive personal business cards
Send and receive graphic links
Send pictures and files✅(slower)
Receive pictures and files
Send video✅(slower)
Receive video
Send Mini Program
Receive GIF
Send GIF✅(Send as a file)✅(Send as a file)
Receive voice messages
Send voice message
Forward text
Forward the picture
Forward graphic link
Forward audio
Forward the video
Forward file
Forward GIF
Forwarding applet
2. Group
Create group chat
Set group announcement
Get group announcement
Group QR Code
Add people in the group
Remove people from the group
Exit group chat
Change group name
Join group request
Leave group event
Group name change event
@Group member
Group list
Group member list
Group details
3. Contact
Revise notes
Add friends
Automatically add friends
Friends list
Friends details
4. Other
Login event
Scan code status
Logout event
Active logout
Dependency AgreementWindowsWindowsiPadiPadWindows