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Python Wechaty

Python Wechaty

Python-wechaty is a Python programming language client derived from the Wechaty ecosystem, allowing developers to connect to various instant messaging software platforms with a small amount of code.Python-wechaty has been committed to improve code robustness, add community out-of-the-box tools, and improve the software development documentation.

Features of Python-Wechaty

  • Send and receive messages.
  • Accept friendship from contact.
  • Create rooms and invites members.
  • Support Wechaty-plugin system.
  • Provides powerful sample code library for robots.
  • Easy to implement.

You can find more information on Python-Wechaty-getting started.The General Architecture Diagram illustrates on how the Python-Wechaty can be implemented on the existing TypeScript Wechaty ecosystem.

Getting Started

You can run the below commands for starting the Wechaty-Python.

git clone
cd python-wechaty-getting-started
make install
make bot

Translation of TypeScript to Python

As the basic ecosystem of Wechaty is in TypeScript, we only need to translate it to Python. There is a hundred (100) lines of code in class named Image in charge of downloading the WeChat image to different sizes. Below are the links to Image class for both TypeScript and Python for better understanding of the code and the translation.


For more information on the Python-Wechaty releases and history, visit the link below.


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