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Go Wechaty

Go Wechaty

Go-Wechaty is the Go- Programming language client.Wechaty is already is implemented in TypeScript so can be easily translated to Go language as Wechaty has only three thousand (3,000) lines of the TypeScript code, they are well designed and de-coupled by the wechaty-puppet abstraction.Wechaty already has an ecosystem in TypeScript, so you will not have to implement everything in Go, especially, in the Feb 2020, we have finished the grpc service abstracting module with the wechaty-puppet-service implementation.For more information on the Go-Wechaty you can visitGithub Repo More details on Go Wechaty And WeChat Web Protocol can be check here. The Polyglot Architecture Diagram illustrates on how the Wechaty-Go can be implemented on the already existing TypeScript Wechaty ecosystem.

Getting Started

You can run the below commands for starting the Go-Wechaty.Also for more information you can check the Go-Wechaty getting started.

git clone
cd go-wechaty-getting-started
make install
# set token
export WECHATY_PUPPET_SERVICE_TOKEN=your_token_at_here
# Run the bot
make bot


Here in this section are some of the blogs related to Go-Wechaty.


Check out the links below for Beta releases of Go-Wechaty also for more information on the .