Wechaty Developer Program

The Wechaty Developer Program provides valuable supports for qualified developers.

Our Mission: build the most easy to use conversational SDK across all messaging platforms for chatbot makers.

It takes a community to design, build, and ship great chatbot.

Building an chatbot that on top of Wechaty? Apply for our Developer Program! The possibilities are endless, and you enjoy the kudos.

If you are looking for the developer program from Juzi.BOT, please go to visit the great introduction documentation at https://github.com/juzibot/Welcome/wiki/Everything-about-Wechaty/

Juzi.BOT Developer Program

Table of Contents#

  • Wechaty Developer Program Suppliers
  • Submit a blog post Publish your blog post to the Wechaty community

1 Free Puppet Service Token#

  1. WXWork
  2. Rock
  3. PadLocal
  4. Donut

2. Support the Wechaty Project#

You can help the project by supporting this project as becoming a backer. Backers on Open Collective

The following are our existing backers. Thank you to everyone! 🙏 [Become a backer]


Wechaty Developer Program

You need to add the Wechaty Developer Program badge after you join this program.

[![Wechaty Developer Program](https://img.shields.io/badge/Wechaty-Developer%20Program-green.svg)](https://wechaty.js.org/docs/developer-program/)


How to publish blogs#

Send a Pull Request to our website repo at https://github.com/wechaty/wechaty.js.org

How to share your open source project#

Add this Wechaty badge to your README:

Powered by Wechaty

[![Powered by Wechaty](https://img.shields.io/badge/Powered%20By-Wechaty-brightgreen.svg)](https://wechaty.js.org)

Then add it to the list at Project using Wechaty

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