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Ding Dong Bot

Powered by Wechaty TypeScript

Wechaty Ding Dong bot is a simple bot for replying with a dong for any message sent as ding, no matter on which IM (WhatsApp or WeChat) your bot is running.

Try out the bot#

Edit wechaty-ding-dong-bot

You can try out the Wechaty Ding Dong bot using this interactive CodeSandbox.

Just scan the generated QR code with WeChat app, and you are ready to play with the bot!


  1. Node.js v12+
  2. Wechaty v0.40+

Getting started#

You should have Node.js installed on your system. If you do not have Node.js installed (or have a version below 12), then you need to install the latest version of Node.js by following the links below:

Node.js installation docs

Installation guide for Node.js on other platforms can be found here.

The Ding Dong bot is a part of the Wechaty Getting Started repository, you can learn how to run this bot locally from here.

Bot demonstration#

For the demo, the bot is started on a device using WhatsApp. You can see in the below screenshot it responds to the ding message with a dong.

Ding Dong Bot Demo


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