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Wechaty getting started overview

With just a few lines of code, your WeChat/Whatsapp account will be turned into a chatbot, a.k.a Conversational User Interface Automation Software. With the power of the Wechaty Conversational RPA technology, your chatbot will have conversations on behalf of you, and can do whatever you want to do.

RPA for Instant Messaging Software

Wechaty RPA supports WeChat, Whatsapp, WeCom, Gitter, Lark and almost all popular IMs. Learn more from our Wechaty Puppet Providers:

Wechaty Puppet WeChat Wechaty Puppet Whatsapp Wechaty Puppet Official Account Wechaty Puppet Gitter Wechaty Puppet Lark Wechaty Puppet PadLocal Wechaty Puppet WeChat4U Wechaty Puppet Service Wechaty Puppet Mock Wechaty Puppet DIY

And Wechaty Puppet Services:

Wechaty Puppet Service WXWork Wechaty Puppet Service PadLocal Wechaty Puppet Service Paimon Wechaty Puppet Service Donut Wechaty Puppet Service DIY

Multi-languages Programming

Wechaty SDK supports TypeScript, Python, .NET, Gott, Rust, and almost all popular programming languages. It also supports RESTful API & gRPC out-of-the-box. Learn more from our Polyglot Wechaty:

OpenAPI Wechaty TypeScript Wechaty Python Wechaty Go Wechaty Kotlin(Java) Wechaty Scala Wechaty PHP Wechaty .NET Wechaty Rust Wechaty DIY Wechaty

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