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Wechaty Redux Overview

NPM Version NPM Ducksify Extension

Using redux with Wechaty wraps Wechaty with Redux Actions & Reducers for Easy State Management.

Redux is a predictable state container designed to help you write JavaScript apps that behave consistently across client, server, and native environments.

Wechaty Redux

Image Source: Managing your React state with Redux

Downloads TypeScript

Redux is used for application state management and offers the following benefits:

  • Make the state predictable
  • Easier to trace which action causes any change
  • Make it easier to test, maintain and debug the code

Vanilla Redux with Wechaty Redux Plugin​

Vanilla Redux means using plain Redux without any additional libraries like Ducks.

The tutorial for Vannila Redux with Wechaty Redux Plugin is available here.

Ducks Proposal Style for Wechaty Redux Plugin​

Ducksify Extension

🦆🦆🦆Ducks is a Reducer Bundles Manager that implements the Redux Ducks Modular Proposal with great convenience.

Ducks Modular Proposal Re-Ducks Extended Ducksify Extension

Ducks offers a method of handling redux module packaging, installing, and running with your Redux store with middleware support.

The tutorial for Ducks Proposal Style for Wechaty Redux Plugin is available here.